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The SIECA headquarters is located in Toronto, Canada, and is an international multi-tiered membership network of industry professionals from across the world, who are deemed to be like-minded, ethical, and competent consultants. They are vetted by SIECA; which is poised to be the global authority in international education consulting standards.

SIECA is currently active in six countries: Canada, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, and the People’s Republic of China; and constantly growing.


Founding Members

  • Andy Clarkson

    Chief Executive Officer and Clark Morgan Consulting and Shine Training, UNITED KINGDOM / CHINA

  • Mare Tiido

    Senior Editor and Writer Certification Examiner, CANADA / ESTONIA

  • Gary Diamond

    Former Ontario Ministry of Education and Training Director, Educan Consulting, Canada

  • Paul Kearns

    President of SIECA CANADA

  • Craig Brockwell

    Vice President, South Central for the Ontario Liberal Party CANADA

  • Alan Wolfish

    Queen’s Counsel (QC), Co-Founder of Aging-In Conferences Inc

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